It’s a dirty world out there. Some brands like to throw terms like “all-natural” and “chemical-free” around while still using chemicals, so it’s tough to know what’s real and what isn’t these days. That’s why we want to be up front with what’s in our products:

Sugar Bee Bath scented soaps are handmade in small batches with a blend of coconut oil, palm oil*, and castor oil, with an added touch of cocoa or shea butter for extra moisturizing properties. Kaolin clay is added to provide extra softness. Some are scented using only essential oils, some are scented with fragrance oils, and some contain a blend of both. They are colored with mica coloring which includes skin-safe dyes.

Due to concerns that the production of palm oil by some manufacturers is causing damage to the environment and those that live among it, I have sourced a supplier that is committed to only purchasing from a certified Responsibly Sustained source, which must meet strict standards to ensure it is being produced in a way that is healthy to the environmentI have also written an article based on what I have learned about why it is actually dangerous to completely boycott palm oil. Look for it in the Blog section.


Sugar Bee's "Bare" bars are created especially for those concerned about the regulatory process in palm oil production, whether it is part of the RSPO program or not. Made with vegan ingredients, Bare bars contain no colour or scent, and are perfect for people who may react to either.​ They are handmade in small batches with a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter, and cost a wee bit more than our regular recipe due to the higher cost of the ingredients used.

As a Canadian company, Sugar Bee makes every attempt to purchase only from Canadian-based suppliers.